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olive&stone prides itself on having that personal touch, in the jewellery itself but also a friendly face and a smile behind the making process.  I understand that jewellery can be more to many that simply a sparkly accessory and it can evoke many emotions. Whether you want a necklace or bracelet to keep your children and loved ones close to you, a memorial piece of jewellery to honour someone's memory, or a nature or coastal inspired piece with an imprint of a special place you have visited, I would love to make something for you!

Feel free to explore some of the designs, and for any bespoke items such as bridal using the pattern from your dress or the leaves from your bouquet as examples, please get in touch for a chat.

Shops that you can find olive&stone stocked in

I have a variety of my jewellery at Turn The Tide in Hastings (on George Street in the old town), at The Lighthouse Gallery in Eastbourne, and now stocking at Greenfinch in Ticehurst. It's a great way to browse my jewellery up close and even be able to try it on.



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