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what is silver clay?

In recent years, there has been more awareness around recycling and being more ethically aware towards our planet. All of my fingerprint jewellery and the majority of my pendants are made from silver clay which is a non-toxic and eco-friendly material consisting of extremely fine particles of pure silver mixed with an organic binder.  Silver clay is recycled from medical equipment and photographic industry equipment - that would otherwise be wasted - and then it is reclaimed in to this workable material. None of the silver clay I work with goes to waste; any silver clay scrap from drill holes or sanding is then re-used to ensure zero waste. 


When I first discovered silver clay, it really was like magic. In its wet form, it is mouldable like a traditional clay, and once heated at 800 degrees celcius, the organic binder burns away and you are left with a 99.9% pure silver piece of jewellery. The freedom, flexibility and possibilities that this fantastic material can create are endless.  All of my fine silver pendants are made using 999 silver which means they have a 99.9% silver alloy content. This means there is no other metal mixed in to it which means it is less likely to tarnish. Chains and jump rings are 925 sterling silver (92.5% silver and 7.5% copper content) which can have a more dull appearance over time due to containing that small percentage of copper.

All of the silver clay, chains, gem stones and other materials I use at olive&stone are ethically sourced from within England, and where possible, from local jewellery providers.

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