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Is the jewellery sterling silver?

All of my fingerprint jewellery and pendants are fine silver,  which means it is 99.9% pure and not mixed with any other metals as opposed to sterling silver (925) which is a combination of mainly silver (92.5% silver) and 7.5% copper. Chains and the silver for the rings that I handcraft are made from 925 sterling silver.

How old does my child need to be to obtain a defined fingerprint?

This will vary from child to child depending on how much depth and definition they have on their little fingers, however I tend to recommend from about 6 months provides lines that could be visible in the silver.  If you aren't sure, you could always provide fingerprints using the impression kit and I can see if they are clear enough to be used before we proceed with your order.

What size will the fingerprint be in the finished jewellery?


The fingerprint will be almost an exact, true to life size print as a cast is taken of the fingerprint that you provide me with after ordering. No computer technology or machines are used to manipulate or alter the fingerprint, so the lines really are an exact replica of the person's print, although the sizing may be slightly smaller due to the silver clay shrinking in size slightly after coming out of the kiln.

Can I have a name or text put on the front or back of the pendant?


Of course! At the time of ordering your jewellery, there will be options to specify what personalisation you'd like, if any. I will post the fingerprint impression kit to you with a personalisation order form where you can specify the exact text you want written, on the front or back of the pendant, and whether you want the text and print darkened to bring out the definition.

How do I keep my jewellery looking its best?


Silver can tarnish over time which is a completely natural process. Have a little read here of some tips and tricks to keep your silver jewellery looking sparkly and clean. Mainly avoid chemicals, creams, products and excessive heat near your jewellery, wiping over with a silver polishing cloth occasionally to maintain its shine.

I would love to get another piece of jewellery from a print already ordered before. Do I need to do another fingerprint impression?


If you are happy for the original fingerprint impression mould to be reused, then it won't need to be redone. For any changes to personalisation, this must be mentioned at the time of ordering or sent in an email shortly after the order is processed.  If the print is from a child, it may be worth taking a new fingerprint impression as the print will become more defined as the child grows bigger.

How long will it take for me to receive my finished jewellery?


For jewellery from my nature-inspired or coastal collection that do not require impression kits to be sent out and returned, the finishing time will be shorter, with an aim of you having your jewellery within 7-10 working days. For fingerprint jewellery where the process is slightly longer, please allow for 14-21 working days to receive your finished piece. At busy times of the year such as Mother's Day or Christmas, this may take slightly longer but during these periods, there will be information visible on delivery times before ordering.

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