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jewellery care

Over time, silver naturally may tarnish due to oxidisation, but here are some little steps to ensure that your jewellery is well looked after and kept looking its best.


The best piece of advice I can offer is to put your jewellery on last when you're getting ready and to remove it first afterwards. This way it's less likely it'll be pulled by clothing.

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Avoid excess heat such as from hair straighteners, curlers and hair dryers.

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Try to avoid spraying perfume or body sprays while wearing your jewellery.  It is advisable to apply any cosmetic products before putting on jewellery.

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Store your jewellery in a cool and dry place, where it's not exposed to air and light. It can be safely stored inside the olive&stone gift box it arrived in, otherwise any other sturdy box with a felt lining would do great.





Don't use body lotions or creams when they will come into contact with your silver jewellery as the ingredients can react with the precious metal and cause it to erode or tarnish.


Remove jewellery before taking a bath, a shower, or going in to a swimming pool.


Polish with silver polishing cloth occasionally to keep your silver looking clean and bright. For stronger tarnish that may appear over time, line a bowl with aluminium foil and top with a little salt, baking powder, and mild soap. Add some water and soak jewellery for 10 minutes, followed by a gentle scrub with an old toothbrush.

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