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We often refer to our children as our shining stars, and this is the perfect twinkly necklace to keep those special prints close to you always.  


Best suited for a child's fingerprint due to the small size of the star.  If you would like additional stars added for more children, you can choose between stars either stacked on top, attached to hang underneath as a drop necklace, or even side by side.  Just  simply add the additional star option at the checkout, and I will be in touch to discuss which design you'd like made as well as send over an invoice for any additional costs.


Cost of each additional star - £15. 


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - fingerprint necklace

  • Please note that fingerprint jewellery is made using the individual prints that you provide, therefore cannot be returned if you have simply changed your mind once I begin making your personalised order.Fingerprints are as unique as each person is, therefore size and definition of the print will very depending on age as well as depth of fingerprints. I have included a range of fingerprint finishes within the collection, so please have a look at these and bear in mind that younger children will have faintly defined prints compared to an adult print who will naturally have stronger definition.I am unable to accept returns on the basis of the customer being unhappy with the level of definition in the print as I use 'true' fingerprint impressions, meaning whatever print is supplied to me will be directly replicated in to the fine silver.


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